Support Contacts

For access and support issues, please contact your regional Nomura helpdesk.

Americas: +1 212 667 9700

Asia: +81 3 6703 5555

Europe: +44 207 102 4444

India: 000 800 050 7654

Employee Login

Login Instructions

All external employee remote access requires login with an RSA SecurID token.

Employees with a SecurID Keyfob Token

Enter your 4-digit PIN followed by the 6-digit token code displayed on the LCD display of your SecurID keyfob.

Employees with a SecurID Software Token

Open the RSA SecurID Software Token application on your BlackBerry, iOS or Android device. Enter your 4-digit PIN when prompted and select 'Get Passcode' from the menu - your Software Token will now display an 8-digit number. Enter ONLY this 8-digit number into the passcode field.